There’s no such thing as an average week

It’s been one of those weeks where you feel you’re juggling tasks but not really getting anything finished.

So I was surprised that, looking back on it from this point, Friday mid morning, there are all sorts of projects that have either been finished or significantly moved forward.

The big one at the start of the week was a set of lapel badges and table cards for the annual dinner of one client. Over four hundred people were due at the event but some could not commit until the last moment and others dropped out with just hours to go. Our job was to create name cards for each one, table setting cards so they could find their seats and finally a guest list to go in each place setting. It all arrived on time but there were a few fraught moments getting there I must say!

Business cards have also featured highly in this week’s production. Ranging from an small interior design business to a chain of hotels who have several dozen staff in a multitude of locations. For some reason everyone wants new cards right now.

From time to time we are asked to produce an order of service for a funeral and this week we printed one for a friend of one of our clients. When these jobs come along they are usually quite short notice, we make room for them in the schedule at the first opportunity and get them away by overnight courier. I heard back today the it had all gone well and they had been delighted by what we had done.

Otherwise it’s just been one of those weeks of design, proof, change, proof again, print, despatch and go home exhausted. I’m going to spend the weekend gardening and we’ll be back to do it all again on Monday.

London in the spring

img_2365London looks lovely this morning in the spring sunlight.

I had to deliver to an office building close to Battersea power station before 8am which necessitated a 5.20 start which was not welcome and the car temperature gauge showed that outside it was just four degrees.

Driving in along the A13 I am always surprised by the amount of traffic around at that time of day but the new 50 mile an hour average speed limit keeps the traffic moving and I arrived at Westminster just after six thirty. From there to the delivery address was against the flow of traffic and took just a quarter of an hour.

It is good to see the number of commuters who now choose to use cycles rather than cars or public transport. At one set of lights there must have been more than forty cyclists waiting to cross and use the now well established blue cycle lanes which in general are respected by car bus and taxi drivers.

Now I am on the way back to Basildon to collect the rest of the job which is needed at Northacre today but still in production.


dentist-8The day before yesterday I went to see my dentist. I knew it would be unpleasant but I had not realized how bad.

She started by injecting all sorts of stuff into my mouth and then got the biggest pair of pliers I have ever seen and went digging.

I am not really being fair. Mrs Gould did a great job. She arranged some valium for the night before my visit. She numbed my gums and then with great care she gave me sufficient jabs that I did not feel her drawing four teeth.

When she had finished she sewed up the holes and made sure someone brought me home. Later in the day she phoned to make sure I was alright and today she had me back in the chair to ensure all was heeling up properly.

I used to be terrified of going to the dentist, that is probably why my teeth got so bad, but now I have found her it is just mildly frightening. I am 50 and wiggle and gasp more than the ten or twelve year olds she has in there day after day. I blame my parents and all the sugary sweets and drinks we were given in the 60s and 70s.

I have taken the last two days off to get over the ordeal but will be back in the office on Monday

A good day in Basildon

Well today has been good, cold but clear and generally dry. I went to B&Q to sock up on bird seed and other feed stuff so the half dozen feeders outside my office window are now full and should be okay for the weekend.

It almost feels as if spring is just around the corner, I know we could still get snow and I'm not ready to put away my warm winter coats yet but tomorrow is the first of March and with luck we will see longer and warmer days very soon.